About Us

We are the proud manufacturers of Rolling Machines for Gold and Silver ornaments. We are the leading manufacturers of these machines. In fact, we are the pioneers in this field.

Since 1974, we have created a big name of our brand SWITZ rolling machines. The journey from a small machine shop to a huge brand name has been a very interesting one. We have experienced challenges as well as success along the way. Whatever be the condition, we have kept on going stronger and better with time.


We promote a very conducive environment for working in our factory. The atmosphere is of a team and hence everyone contributes to the best of their ability.

Teams are more effective when carved into a positive supportive culture. Since the inception of the company, we have been supporting our people to do better every time.

The people believe in delivering machines that spell business benefits for the buyers and users. We ensure that our machine will always pull back the buyer for another machine. He will never change his brand.


We are the global leaders in manufacture of rolling machines. We visualize becoming the best innovator in the field as well.


We will consistently innovate and reinvent our machine form time to time.

We will put ourselves in the forefront of technology to meet the growing needs of the changing times and demanding markets.

We will make our people the biggest strength of our organization and empower them to beat their own achievement year on year.


We see a bright future for Brand SWITZ. We see a future where we are the most recommended as well as accepted brand of Rolling machines and every ornament manufacturer wants our machines.

Going a step ahead, we would like to diversify into more machines in the same market for ornaments. We would like to also upgrade ourselves into electronic controls for the future of our machines.

Do not get surprised if we develop a CNC rolling machine which gives accurate mass production.