The company as we mentioned has never got into a brand building exercise through promotion. They still have a very huge market in place. This is not an accidental or a result of

They have a philosophy of Do it right the First time, every time. They have developed and attitude to do it right the first time. This attitude is weaved in every person that works in the firm. This has empowered the company to be extremely confident of the machines that they develop and sell.

The core aspects of their quality are in two point focus:

Precision and accuracy: They focus on being precise in development and manufacture of each and every part. The company understands that their machine is working on the most precious metal, namely gold. They fully take care to roll out highly precise parts. They also ensure that the assembling and testing of the machine is done for each and every piece. This is 100% product testing.

The accuracy of assembly and testing together makes these machine virtually maintenance free for about ten years and more. Moreover, the machines are robust and can work for hours and yet maintain their accuracy.

Then company practices total Quality processes. This reduces errors in the process and also reduces rejections. Every stage has a quality standard in manufacturing in case of parts as well as the process and its parameters. The processes are precisely controlled so the production is of the best quality.


Sarva Shakti is the pioneer in development of these products. They are also first to establish an India wide market for these machines. The company is not into big branding, but their quality has enabled them to attract buyer from all over India.

They have put their footprints on the global map as well. They have created a respectable position for the brand in Dubai, Malaysia and UK. They plan to grow bigger on the international front as well on the long run.